Edmonton Safety Road Program

We are looking for any feedback from residents who may live in an area that they feel have unsafe roadways – can you please help us identity any problems areas that may have the following: Streets that are Unsafe to Cross Drivers going too fast Lack of marked crosswalk Areas in which the speed limit […]

Pathway Snow and Ice Cleaning Reminder for Allard Residents

Dear Allard Residents, With summer gone and winter around the corner we wanted to clear up some inquiries from Allard residents regarding who is responsible for their property when it comes to landscaping and snow removal for residents.  We do receive A LOT of emails regarding the boulevard and how it is not being kept up. It […]

2022 Information Package update

Hello Residents of Allard, In preparing your mail out packages we noticed an error on the budget for the year. This resulted in us having to re-package some of the envelopes. When you receive your envelope, you may notice that it has been open and then re-sealed with tape. This was the board replacing the […]