The process of forming a new community league for Allard is currently in the works.​

Currently Allard has been separated from the Blackmud Community League due to the combined size.

There have been meetings with the City of Edmonton Neighbourhood Resource Coordinator and some residents in Allard so far. If enough people from Cavanagh and or Callaghan want to join Allard, it would be a joint league. No word on this as of yet.

This process is looking for volunteers to create the Allard based community league.​

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Allard contacts:

What does a community league do​

Builds local amenities for the neighbourhood​

  • Parks
  • Community Halls
  • Community Gardens
  • Basketball / Tennis courts

Provide local recreation and programming

  • Skating Rinks
  • Soccer Programs
  • Senior drop-ins
  • Yoga

They bring people together in the neighbourhood​

  • Barbeques
  • Garage Sales
  • Coffee drop-ins
  • Movie nights

They bring people together in the neighbourhood

  • Bring issues to City Council regarding the neighbourhood
  • Consulted about developments in the neighbourhood and engage in community consultation.

Benefits of Membership

  • Discounts at City facilities
  • Free skating at ourdoor rinks across Edmonton
  • Discounts on League programming and classes
  • Having a voice on issues affecting your neighbourhood
  • Connecting with neighbours

Emerging League Process

  1. Build Steering Committee
  2. First SC Meeting
  3. First Public Meeting
  4. Interim Committees
  5. Second Public Meeting
  6. Committee Work
  7. Plan AGM
  8. Host AGM
Neighbourhood 2016 Census 2019 Census NSP Projected Pop.
Allard 3133 6847 8720
Cavanagh 0 956 5178
Cashman 0 0 540
Callaghan 3559 4000 5726
Blackburne 1410 1424 1939
Richford 758 823 1893
Blackmud Creek 2763 2777 2656
Desrochers 0 1133 5778
Totals 11623 17960 32430