The AHOA is a not-for-profit company governed by the Societies Act. It was created to ensure that certain features and amenities of a community are maintained and managed for the long-term use and enjoyment of its member residents. The AHOA may set a desired course for the use of common areas, such as the community’s landscaped areas and helps ensure their financial sustainability over time.

Yes. All properties that have the legal encumbrance registered on their land title are part of the HOA and are mandated to pay fees. Please see the Maps and Guidelines section for the community boundaries.

A home within the community boundaries should have a legal encumbrance listed within its Land Title Certificate. A current copy of your certificate can be order through a registry agent.

Residents benefit by having certain amenities and assets in their community scheduled for enhanced maintenance. The list can be extensive and not limited to items such as the beautification of the front entry feature – flowers, additional landscaping, holiday lights, playground maintenance and community events and the maintenance of the Allard HOA community website.

All of these items serve to set Allard Heritage Valley apart from other communities that do not have the ability to maintain open space to a higher standard.

Yes, the City owns and is to maintain common or park space (know as Municipal Reserve), however their program is large and diligence to your community may not be to the expectation of Allard residents.

Throughout the history of Allard’s development, additional maintenance has been provided to compliment the City’s efforts. Allard HOA will have the opportunity to do the same moving forward.

The AHOA, including the features and amenities, is governed by the Societies Act and bylaws, and administered by a Board of Directors which will be made up of a number of selected residents and managed by MLC Group under the management agreement included in the information provided by your lawyer.

There are approximately 1600 single family homes and 300 condominium units.

The 7 members on the Board of Directors are elected annually at the  Annual General Meeting.

Each board member must be a member in good standing at the time of his/her election and throughout the term of office. Membership on the board is strictly a volunteer position.

Yes we are! Please contact us to express your interest.