The City of Edmonton is exploring a Vision Zero Street Lab in Allard after hearing about street safety
concerns in the area. Vision Zero Street Labs use adaptable traffic calming measures to address traffic
safety concerns such as unsafe speeds, shortcutting, and pedestrian safety.

The City would like to explore residents’ perspectives and gain insights into their lived experiences and
traffic safety concerns. City staff will use these learnings to determine if a Street Lab is needed for your

We want to hear from people who use all modes of transportation to get around the city. This is where
we need your help!

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Engagement Opportunities

The opportunities listed on the next page are available for all residents. You are welcome to participate
in as many as you’d like. All of the online tools are hosted on, which will be a hub
for information about this project moving forward.

EventDate/TimeLocation or URLDescription
Walk and Roll Audit
Tuesday, July 18
at 6:00 PM

(In the event of extreme weather conditions, the Walk and Roll Audit may be cancelled andor rescheduled.)
Dr. Lila Fahlman School, 680
Allard Blvd SW
Move around your
community with City staff
to discuss access, mobility,
and street safety.

Please register by visiting
Online MapOpen until
August 2
Identify locations of
interest on the online map.
Online SurveyOpen until
August 2
Complete a short survey to
share your insights.

Next Steps

Please direct any questions or comments to and we will be in touch!